Jonathan Sparks


15 Minutes is a video installation consisting of a camera and moniter, publicly displayed on a busy NYC street. Pedestrians walking by have the ability to tap a button resulting in their picture being taken and displayed on the monitor for all to see. Once displayed, a clock starts counting up, keeping track of how long the user's picture has been featured until the next user comes along and replaces their photo with their own.

Inspired by the famous Andy Warhol quote in which he predicted that everyone will have 15 minutes of fame, this installation asks the question of what it means to be famous in a world of increased accessability and reach. With the advent of the internet and social media, the bar to attain widespread recognition is drastically lowered, but with increased access comes increased competition and more often than not, results in fleeting celebrety for minimal achievement.

This was a group project created for our Video Sculpture class which included Yu-Ting Feng and Louise Foo

Ting has taken this installation and ran with it for her thesis project, creating a more sophisticated, polished, and meaningful project than we could have ever hoped. Follow its new and improved reincarnation at @Pushforfame