Jonathan Sparks

LED Lego Wall

- SketchUp



Sketchup 3D Model of the LED Lego wall.

This installation was commisioned by Ernst & Young for the Union Square Citibank branch. It is a custom designed and built, freestanding wall with conductive traces laid down on oversized Lego baseplates. Oversided Lego bricks were designed with connected LEDs and arranged in a way that when placed on the board in any orientation, the LED leads would make contact with the conductive traces and light one of the LEDs.

Click HERE for more details and documentation about this project

Kinetic Light Scultpure

- Cinema 4D

Kinetic Light Sculpture Concept Rendering

Water Tower Bar

- SketchUp




- SketchUp



Keepsake is an interactive installation currently in progress that consists of over 400 linear feet of LED tubes creating a structure inspired by neural networks

This model was used to secure the commision for the piece on site at Teacher's College at Columbia University

Click HERE for more details and documentation about this project

Motor Mounts

- Rhino



A motor mount design for an expanded xy plotter system

Mounts grip I-beam with series of wheels and are driven with a rack and pinion system. The y axis mounts also have slot for I-beam for x axis mounts

The working prototype and mounts can be seen here


- Rhino


A model of a helix sculpture that was then created out of white acrylic and used in interactive installion using projection mapping

The working prototype can be seen here

Mirror Frame

- SketchUp


A design for a mirror made from mahogony and maple with intricate routing.

Automota Mechanism

- Rhino


Mechanical layout for an atomata project consisting of a shoe walking at the bottom of the cycle then pausing at the top while a little figure of a cobbler works on the shoe

The gears in the back drive the mechanism, with motion being suspended half the time. Those gears connect through a hole in the base to drive an arm which is connected to a gear and 2 discs. The first disc has dowels that follow groves around the circle and spins freely when the gear it is attached to is engaged by the rack. When the gear is not being turned by the rack, it rotates freely according to the disc under it. This set will be connected to the other disc with a dowel on which the drive arms will rotate freely. It has a long grove in it to compensate for the varying movement of the gear/disc set. The second disc on top of that will rotate with the rest of the gear/disc set under it and has a dowel off center coming out of it. Attached to this will be another arm(or leg) that being tethered to the center circle will create a pattern of movement similar to a leg walking.

A somewhat "working" prototype can be seen here

DNA Band

- Rhino


The DNA Band was a pitched idea for a personalized jewelry project

Using a custom algorithm applied to a small segment of personal DNA sequence a generative pattern was created, extruded, and wrapped to create a custom arm band

DNA Bracelet

- Rhino


The DNA Bracelet was another pitched idea for a personalized jewelry project

Its carved out rectangles are inspired by the unique banding patterns created in DNA gel electrophoresis


- Rhino


This was an experiment in designing a kinetic sculpture in which blades rotate around a circle driven by wind

Camera and Case

- SketchUp


This was an exercise in modeling a camera case for personal use