Jonathan Sparks

Ofrenda de Los Muertos|

Ofrenda de Los Muertos was a haunted house inspired immersive theatrical experience. Small groups of guests were lead through 9 areas encountering a variety of characters and special effects. From navigating mazes and crawl spaces to being offered potions and existential dress downs, Ofrenda de Los Muertos created a psychological and startling adventure for the not so faint of heart.

This project was a group effort with smaller teams being responsible for each area. I, along with Michelle Chandra, and Laura Juo-Hsin Chen created the Brothers/Mirror scene. The room was decorated in all black with a single bed and walls lined with mirrors. The character provided an increasingly agitated monolog which was accompanied by dmx controlled lighting and sound effects. Towards the end of the scene, a false wall in the form of a sheet was dropped to reveal a mass of burned wreckage and mementos leading to the climax which revealed the character's brother via a 2-way mirror effect.



meeting with actor


beginng of installation


installing mirrors with burnout area completed


opening of scene reflected in mirror with false wall in place


livestreaming from behind the scenes waiting for effect cues


fake wall is dropped revealing burned out area


character is starting to lose it


looking at mirror


2-way mirror reveals character's brother


shot of the two characters with 2-way mirror


more documentation of the 2-way mirror

Other Scenes